Two day workshops just $185 - includes lunches, refreshment and professional tutelage

Magic Squares - Playing with Stripes - Judy Farrugia

Judy Farrugia is BACK!

We've missed her dearly- but she's back - you are guaranteed a knowledgeable, creative and FUN ride in Judy's workshop

Don't fear stripes anymore

  Have you ever bought a striped fabric and then left it to languish in your cupboard, unwilling to cut into it because of the fear of matching or lining up all of those stripes? This workshop will aim to move you past this fear and turn those beautiful striped fabrics into a quilt. The beauty of using fabric which is already printed with stripes is the lack of seam allowances when assembling the quilt. This reduces bulk as well as making the final assembly of blocks so much easier as you don’t have to worry about as many seam allowance directions.

Focus on Techniques

This workshop teaches a technique rather than a specific quilt so each participant will be sewing a quilt designed specifically to suit their fabric/design choice.


Judy loves teaching techniques rather than just specific quilts. That way workshop participants can sew up their own individual quilt.  

ALL stripes welcome

 This workshop will utilise not only classic candy striped fabrics, but also fabrics with stripes which are printed with patterns that resemble strips – in fact these produce a much more interesting end result. It is much easier to work with straight stripes rather than irregular wavy prints.  

Candy stripes count too

If you only have candy stripes in your stash, bring along what you have. These make up into very interesting quilts when a number of different fabrics are used rather than just the one single fabric. The clean lines of candy stripes will produce a very modern looking quilt

Your options are...


You could use just the one piece of fabric, or combine a number of related striped fabrics. Bring along what you can find in your stash and see what your options are.


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