• 2017 – Workshops, Workshops & Fat Quarter

    Welcome 2017 and welcome new and returning Gunning Patchwork Weekend friends.

    Check out the workshops by hovering on the side of this purple bar, or use the menus above.

    Enrol before ANZAC Day to get the best deal 🙂

    Scroll down for our latest Blog posts.

  • Charleston Harbour

    Enrol for this workshop and Jenny will show you how to enlarge this into a queen size quilt. We probably won’t get it all made in class however Jenny will help with the rest as a block of the month.

    This is a great quilt to use all those civil war fat 1/4″s in your stash. Or it could be made in any other style of fabric that you choose.

    Jenny’s classes are generally very relaxed and she loves helping newcomers to patchwork

  • Divide and Conquer

    Judy’s back with 60 degrees of fabric! Join Judy Farrugia for a flatout slice and dice to stitch up an optical illusion.

  • Just A Little Circle Work

    A new tutor, ultra-modern quilt and brand new techniques… this quilt promises to be a fabulous workshop.

    Focus on beautifully inset circles on Saturday and work towards this bold quilt on Sunday.

  • Crosses and Losses

    Work with Robyn Cawdron to make this eye-catching creation.
    It’s a terrific project to make for the man in your life… make it solids or choose fabric of your liking.

  • Vera Gollasch – Tutor Janelle Noack

    The Vera Gollasch quilt is a queen size, row by row, sampler style quilt.

    Join Janelle Noack to cerate this masterpiece which includes machine piecing, needle-turn applique and paper piecing (love those hexagons).

  • The FAT Quarter

    Overwhelmed by UFOs? Too much fabric in the stash? Want to finish the farmyard quilt for your son’s son? Then the Finish and Talk (FAT) Quarter is for you.

    Enjoy good fun and get some encouragement to finish or, at least, progress your project. We’ll have a table ready for you – maybe you’ll share with someone you haven’t met yet?

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